Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ada Lee Candy

Candy Box from Ada Lee Candy shop in Lawrenceville Dec 25, 1941
To read more about Ada Lee Candy business and see some photos of the shop go to and click under projects. Then click on Businesses around the square, and then click on the second building on the south side photo.  If you have an upgraded browser you will be able to see all the photos and read the history.  Go ahead --check it out! Even though we don't have all the business on the north or west side complete we add information or photos all the time. 

Tuesday April 15
Thanks to Flossie Price and John King for cleaning up Pepple School at Lanterman Park so 82 small curious 2nd grade students could visit.  Volunteer school 'marms or males' who would like to become a 1900's teacher for an hour or two when we have students tours are wanted.  Please contact Nancy King.

The newsletters have been mailed and if you didn't get one then you didn't pay your dues.  $25 individual and $35 for a family.  Contact Irene Jackman if you have questions. 

 Just send email to with Nancy or Irene's name in the subject line, and it will be forwarded to them.  

A big thanks to Larry Curry, Carl Curry and John King for cleaning up the upstairs at the museum.  It is a big project and more help is wanted.  Contact those guys to see when they will be working next, or send an email.

As for identifying the photo we published April 16, C Sechrest reports: 
Front row(larger group) 2nd from left - Ruth Ann Harrison, Dr. Illyes niece, 2nd from right, Dr. Kirkwood
2nd row, 3rd from left, Julia Eggebrecht's mother, 6th from left, Jacquae Smith's mother
4th row, left end, I.B. Daugherty, Jr. ???
J. Bogenpohl says: Dr. Tom Kirkwood is in right front in both pictures with a Vote Cowboy poster.
Thanks for assisting us. If we don't identify these photos now, 100 years from now, no one will even have a clue.......

Friday, April 18, 2014

Nob Hill Motel

Since the Nob Hill Motel is gone, B. D. Mackenzie  thought our readers might be interested in some early photos.  The first is of his grandfather, John Brooks, and his brother Jim MacKenzie during the construction of the motel in 1949 and the second is of John Brooks before his new enterprise, opened for business in 1949 or 1950.

John Brooks was born in Doniphan, Mo. in 1902 and moved to Lawrence Co. with his family as a boy.  In 1923 he married Mary Lewis of Lawrenceville.  He worked for a number of years at the Texas Oil refinery.  In the ‘40s he became a small businessman, first as proprietor of The Recreation pool hall on the north side of the square, then the Indian Tavern and finally the Nob Hill Motel from 1949 until his death in 1969.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Snow in the April

Snow Storm April 18, 1953.  It also snowed the week of March 29, 1971 in Lawrenceville.  This photo was taken at 1502 Tenth St, Lawrenceville where Mrs Ralph ( Lucretia) Reel lived.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Cowboy Party vs the City Slickers

Well, we are not exactly sure who these people are, or what group they represent, or what they are running for or from.  Anna Benefiel is pictured here according to Mike N but if anyone recognizes someone else, let us know.   We might just vote for them!   The photographs were taken by Mrs. Howard Cleff, Proprietor of Central Portrait and Commercial Studio located at 415 13th St Lawrenceville   telephone 1051.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sorority Chapter Chartered

The bottom two photos were found in our files.  The top photo was published in the newspaper in 1997 for the 50th Anniversary of the Charter of the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi sorority in Lawrenceville.
" The Sorority was chartered in July, 1946 with 14 members being inititated during special ceremonies in the Hotel Lawrence dining room.  Representing BSP International, Miss Jane ( last name now unknown), center back row, conducted the evening activities and administered the sorority pledge to 14 members of the new chapter.  The charter members (left to right) were : Seated- Mabel Minniear, chapter sponsor; Hazel Albright, Audrey Pepple, Vera Berkshire, Donna Burgett, Adele McCaslin;
Standing- Cuba Turner, Mildred Benefiel, Pauline Johnson, Ann Hogan, Jane, Mae Parrish, Mildred Nuttall, MaDolin Wood and Anna Benefiel.  MaDolin Wood Obenchain and Anna Benefiel have remained active member of the sorority for 50 years and the chapter name is now Illinois Laureate Beta Theta.  There are also two other chapters, Preceptor and Sigma Epsilon, in the city today."

Monday, April 14, 2014

First Presbyterian Church, Bridgeport 1964

1964  Picture of the Congregation at the First Presbyterian Church in Bridgeport
Front Row:  Lawrence Lanker, Eileen Gray, Carmen Pace, Mervin Pace, W.B. Gray
Second Row: Laura Irwin, Frank Irwin, Walter Irwin, Tom Irwin, Bea Middagh, Mary Middagh, Dayton Middagh
Third Row: Margaret Reglin, Elva Edwards, Dale Nicholas, Sylvia Nichols, LaVon Caldwell, Bunny Middagh, Lawrence Middagh
Fourth Row: Oscar Carrithers, Faye Carrithers, Anita Andrews, Kathy Spaves, Stephania Andrews, Melda Gray, Florence Schrader, Brad Schrader
Fifth Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,  Clifford Gray, Larry Satterthwaite, Gerald Satterthwaite, Geraldine Satterthwaite
Sixth Row: ?, George Cooper, Nadaline Cooper, Sally Cooper, Nancy Cooper, June Woodward, Tom Woodward, Larry Woodward, Ron Woodward, Don Woodward
Seventh Row: Ellen Neal, Evlyn Smith, Clyde Smith, Roy Rucker, Haz Rucker,Phyllis Matthews, Mary Matthews, Opal Ameter, ?, Steve Ameter, Lawrence Ameter
Eighth Row: Genelle Lanker, Ronnie Grigsby, Paula Grigsby, Norman Grigsby, Rick Grigsby, Janice Grigsby, Randy Grigsby, Mary Ella Peneton, Irene Gray, Chris Gray, Donnie Gray, Ronnie Gray
Ninth Row: Joe Tully, Betty Tully, Bob Ernst, Martha Ernst, Sandy Ernst, Ray Ernst, Nellie Ernst, Lisa Andrews, Jane Andrews, Debra Andrews, Cornelia Gray, Gene Gray
Standing at the back: George Andrews, Joe Denny Tully, Curtis Reglin, Ronald Spaves, Hazel Spaves, Doris Asyln, Duane Asyln ( minister) ?, Jeff Gray, John Reglin, Judy Schrader, Glenda Middagh, Ruth Gariepy

Friday, April 11, 2014

Blacksmith Dies

In June of 1957, one of Lawrence County's  blacksmiths died. Pinky (Floyd L.) Leach born in Lawrenceville on September 1, 1880, a son of William and Frankie Anderson Leach, collapsed and was taken to the hospital where he died. He was married to May Enlow who predeceased him,  and was survived by one son Paul Leach of Lawrenceville. He operated a blacksmith shop in Lawrenceville for many years, was employed with a surveying crew at the time the Big Four Railroad was improved, and worked extensively in various parts of the United States at his trade. (In 1922 he was listed in the city directory as being a Mechanic for an auto repair shop and in the 1941 directory he was a printer for the Ambraw Printing Co.)  He was the blacksmith at George Field during World War II.